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Safety is an essential aspect for growing communities in any country. It fosters trust, well-being, and a sense of belonging among residents. By prioritizing safety measures such as well-equipped police forces, efficient emergency response systems, and community engagement initiatives, municipalities in the Netherlands become more resilient and pleasant places to live. Today, we want to shed light on the safety of all Dutch municipalities, from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, and emphasize its importance in providing a secure environment for all residents. The research has been conducted to provide insight into the most crucial indicators that determine the safety of each municipality. So, if you are considering moving and looking for the safest municipality to live in, we help you make an informed decision!"
In determining the safest municipality, various factors play a crucial role in assessing the overall safety and well-being of a community. Factors such as crime rates and the efficiency of police response are taken into account. Each indicator is carefully evaluated and assigned a weight based on its impact on overall safety.:
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Robbery Percentage: The robbery percentage focuses on the prevalence and severity of robbery incidents within a specific area. It provides insight into the frequency and impact of these crimes, allowing the assessment of the region's safety in terms of theft-related offenses.
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Using the Latest Methodology

The criteria used can be easily visualized in the comprehensive table below. The entirety of the provided data is current and sourced from the police data portal, namely the official national statistics bureau. To facilitate comparability, we have employed a technique known as min-max normalization. This specific methodology scales the data from 1 to 10, where 1 represents the lowest or worst value, and 10 represents the highest or best value within the specific categories being examined. Such an approach allows seamless comparisons between different types of data. Eindhoven, Tilburg, Utrecht, Groningen and other areas are included in the table. To ensure accurate results, areas where data for any of the indicators were missing were excluded from the analysis.

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Safest Municipality in Netherland
The latest data available has been used for each data source.
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Police Perceptions in Netherland Province
The latest data available has been used for each data source.
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Concluding Remarks: What Can We Sum Up?

The Netherlands takes pride in its safest municipalities, where the well-being and safety of residents take precedence. At the top of the list of these exemplary safe havens is the unique municipality of Echt-Susteren. With nearly perfect scores in various safety criteria, these municipalities set an unparalleled standard for ensuring the safety of their communities.

These are closely followed by Beek (L.), Borne, and Amsterdam, all of which demonstrate commendable levels of safety. These municipalities prioritize a range of safety factors, including the prevention of theft, sexual crimes, violent crimes, auto-related crimes, and cybercrime, as well as maintaining an efficient police response.

Dantumadiel, Utrecht (municipality), Culemborg, Doetinchem, and Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht round out the list of the safest municipalities in the Netherlands, each showcasing their commitment to creating a secure environment for their residents.

The efforts and dedication of these municipalities in the realm of safety are evidence of their commitment to promoting trust, well-being, and a sense of belonging among their residents.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the collected data, it can be concluded that Echt-Susteren is the safest municipality for those looking for a new place to move to or planning a trip. At the same time, Vlieland was recognized as the worst of the over three hundred municipalities. Despite good results in some categories, the overall score turned out to be the lowest, although not all data was available for this municipality. Therefore, we hope that in reality, it is much better.

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