Best neighborhoods in Amsterdam

What is the best neighborhood in Amsterdam?

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We looked at over 10+ data points, to calculate the best places to live, for about 500 neighborhoods in Amsterdam. See how your neighborhood compares.

At Rentola we care about you, and where you live. You could say that we make a living, from finding you a place to live.

A few times per year, our analysts identify the best places to live, using our Rentola Index method. We select relevant categories based on freshness, credibility and availability, to fairly compare locations. For the neighborhoods in Amsterdam, we compared economic metrics such as housing value, income and employment. But we also look for other metrics, from things like the proximity area (distance to restaurants, culture and institutions), to crime rates and statistics.

Using these metrics on top of our Rentola Quality Index method scoring system, we’re accurately able to calculate the living standards of 482 different neighborhoods in the capital.

Our Quality Index ranked the neighborhoods of Amsterdam through the following categories: