Amsterdam's Best Neighborhoods to Live in 2023

Thinking of moving to Amsterdam but unsure about neighborhoods? Already here but want a better life? Or are you just a spectator curious about the happiest spots in the city? Today, we've got all your answers covered!

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What's the Focus of Today’s Study?

Amsterdam, with its picturesque canals, rich history, and vibrant culture, has long been a city of allure for those seeking a dynamic urban experience. In today’s analysis, we've embarked on a thorough exploration of the city's neighborhoods to uncover the ones that stand out for their safety, convenience, and vibrant community spirit – ideal for fostering a content and joyful life. Equally, we've examined neighborhoods that warrant caution due to high crime rates, less-than-friendly neighbors, ecological concerns, and other factors that might affect your living experience. Join us as we navigate through the urban landscape to help you make informed decisions about the best places to rent in Amesterdam!

We Ranked Through the Following Categories
We've gathered the essential and latest information to provide you with a thorough overview of each neighborhood's condition. To accomplish this, we've chosen 7 key categories: Community, Convenience & Entertainment, Housing, Health, Work, Income & Benefits, Crime & Safety, and Ecology & Green Spaces.
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Within the "Health" category, we focused on two key aspects: the quality and accessibility of medical services in each neighborhood. Yet, we go beyond the surface, recognizing the significance of healthcare for seniors. We've assessed the quality of care for those aged 65 and above, ensuring that you, your family, and older loved ones are in capable hands when it comes to health matters.
community icon Community
convenience_&_entertainment icon Convenience
housing icon Housing
health icon Health
work_income_&_benefits icon Work, Income & Benefits
crime_&_safety icon Crime & Safety
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Using the Latest Methodology

The data has been collected and processed from the Onderzoek en Statistiek. The most recent data available for each source was used.

To structure our dataset, we used the Min-max normalization technique, a method that helps us change each piece of information into a score between 1 and 10. Within this scale, a score of 1 signifies the lowest, while a score of 10 represents the highest performance within their respective categories. In simple words, if an area gets a higher score, it's doing better compared to others.

To make sure our results are accurate and fair, we focused on categories with enough data for a thorough study.

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The Top 5 Amsterdam Urban Areas for Happy Living in 2023
Are you prepared to uncover the reasons behind why these five Amsterdam urban areas stand out as top choices for a comfortable and vibrant lifestyle? Dive in!
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The Bottom 5 Amsterdam Urban Areas
Now it's time to take a look at the 5 worst neighborhoods, according to the information we've gathered.
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Ranked as the top choice in our research, this area stands out for its safety and natural beauty. With high scores in Ecology & Green Spaces, Crime & Safety, and Health, it boasts clean streets and low crime rates. The Zuidas district, often referred to as Amsterdam's "Financial Mile," hosts a mix of modern skyscrapers and numerous multinational corporations, making it a hub for international business and finance within the city. Although support for unemployed and disabled individuals is limited, the Buitenveldert - Zuidas area offers pretty affordable housing compared to other areas, making it an attractive option for those with stable finances seeking new opportunities for comfortable living.
Securing a strong second spot, Westerpark trails Buitenveldert - Zuidas by just 0.10 points. A warm and welcoming community that thrives on neighborly bonds, helping hands, and regular interactions creates a friendly environment. Safety is paramount here as well, compared to other neighborhoods, given the low crime rate that reassures locals. Additionally, strong employment rates and decent salaries contribute to its appeal, although housing prices may pose a challenge. Not to mention, it is home to a large number of parks, art galleries, and famous buildings waiting to be explored. So, if you're on the lookout for a close-knit community and vibrant nightlife, Westerpark offers an inviting choice.
Centrum-Oost secured third place in our study. This area shines with low discrimination, friendly neighbors, and special comfort for the elderly, as indicated by Onderzoek en Statistiek. It's a hub of convenience, boasting plenty of shops and entertainment options. Medical care is accessible and of good quality. However, job opportunities and government assistance fall short compared to other neighborhoods. Safety has ups and downs too – while there are some concerns about noise and crime, people generally feel satisfied with the local police. That's why, although it ranked third in our top, Centrum-Oost is still a great option for a fulfilling life in Amsterdam.
Gaasperdam is among the top five due to several reasons. Firstly, it offers some of the most affordable housing opportunities in comparison to other Amsterdam urban areas. Secondly, locals praise the cleanliness of its streets and the enjoyment of green spaces. (This area is a home for Gaasperplas, a beautiful recreational lake surrounded by greenery and park areas, that provide opportunities for relaxation, picnicking, and various water activities.) The community is known for its friendliness, and the local police receive high marks from residents. However, Gaasperdam's score is affected by the average quality of service in entertainment venues. Nevertheless, if you're not big on going to restaurants and clubs and prioritize a cozy living environment, Gaasperdam could be the right choice for you!
Oostelijk Havengebied - Indische Buurt
Two neighboring districts, Oostelijk Havengebied and Indische Buurt, both ranked fifth in our study. Oostelijk Havengebied used to be a busy industrial port, but now it's a modern residential area with cool architecture and waterside living. Indische Buurt has a more old-fashioned feel with historic buildings and different cultures, reflecting its past as a working-class neighborhood. These neighborhoods share a welcoming community, low crime rates (though some locals express concerns about policing), and strong scores in Health, reflecting quality medical care, and in Work, Income & Benefits, indicating comfortable earnings. Housing prices, while not the highest in Amsterdam, may still require careful consideration. So whether drawn to tradition or modernity, both districts offer promising conditions for a contented life!
Bos en Lommer
Bos en Lommer, known for its blend of traditional and modern elements, presents a unique mix in both its architecture and community. However, despite its diversity, this neighborhood ranks among the top five worst due to low scores in the Community and Housing categories. Surprisingly, the diversity might be contributing to a sense of loneliness, as residents appear to have limited neighborhood interactions. Housing prices in Bos en Lommer are notably high, and elderly residents are facing challenges in terms of both social connections and medical care. These factors, along with limited rental opportunities for elderly individuals, currently hinder Bos en Lommer from being considered a favorable choice for a carefree and comfortable life.
Osdorp, situated in the western part of Amsterdam, faces a series of challenges that impacted its ranking. It struggles with social interactions among neighbors, particularly for those over 65 who report feeling lonely. Discrimination issues and a lack of neighborly support are concerns, too. Moreover, Osdorp scores poorly in health care quality, safety perception, and local police satisfaction, all affecting the overall well-being of its residents. Although housing costs are relatively lower, we advise considering these drawbacks before settling in this neighborhood.
Geuzenveld-Slotermeer encounters similar challenges with loneliness among its residents, compounded by low satisfaction with police services and a lack of safety within the neighborhood. Additionally, the quality of medical care further contributes to its placement at the bottom of our ranking. Unfortunately, the neighborhood also bears the highest unemployment rate. Despite its relatively affordable housing prices and certain appealing features, we hesitate to recommend Geuzenveld-Slotermeer for a content and fulfilling life in its current state.
Bijlmer-Centrum emerges with the lowest scores in two key categories – Community and Crime & Safety. While the community's lack of unity and warmth is a recurring trend among lower-ranking neighborhoods, the noteworthy concern lies in the neighborhood's security. The situation is complex – Bijlmer-Centrum exhibits the least sense of safety, with residents often feeling uneasy venturing out alone at night. Furthermore, the district reports the highest incidents of drug use across Amsterdam. However, despite these challenges, the locals express relatively higher satisfaction with the police's efforts, indicating proactive measures are being taken. While potential for improvement exists, the current state of Bijlmer-Centrum presents notable drawbacks that should be considered before making it a place to call home.
Bringing our research to a close, we arrive at Slotervaart, the neighborhood occupying the final spot. This district garnered scores that rank among the lowest across all categories. Whether it's the quality of medical services, the accessibility of essential resources like food and medicine, or the standards of safety and cleanliness – Slotervaart faces challenges in every aspect. Even though housing costs are moderately affordable compared to some areas, they don't compensate for the overall low living conditions present here. In various ways, Slotervaart currently represents the least favorable living environments.
So what conclusion can we draw from our study?

Balancing Community, Care, and Comfort: If you prioritize a friendly community,

reliable medical care, a variety of entertainment options, and a secure environment,

neighborhoods like Centrum-Oost, Westerpark, and Oostelijk Havengebied-Indische

Buurt offer a promising blend of these factors.

Affordability with Value: For those seeking affordability as a top priority, Gaasperdam,

Bijlmer-Oost, and Buitenveldert-Zuidas stand out as areas where housing costs

remain reasonable, making them attractive options for budget-conscious individuals.

Optimal Balance: If you're looking for a well-rounded balance of affordability, safety,

and cleanliness, consider Gaasperdam, Watergraafsmeer, and Centrum-Oost. These

neighborhoods offer a middle ground where housing remains affordable without

compromising on essential aspects of daily life.

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