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In a global context, cities play the role of real magnets for tourists and foreign residents, offering an unrivaled range of cultural, historical and architectural experiences. Among the many world cities, Rotterdam is particularly attractive for its unique atmosphere, imprint of history and outstanding districts. This article reveals the best districts of Rotterdam for local residents or those who plan the relocation. The research is based on a deep analysis of factors important to residents. Data was collected from reliable sources for the highest quality. This article helps understand Rotterdam diversity through an objective look at neighborhoods. For local residents, it highlights different districts' features and provides useful advice. So if you are considering relocation and in search of the best district to reside in, we’ll help you make an informed decision!
In order to provide an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the best areas of Rotterdam, a wide range of categories covering all aspects of life and lifestyle were used. Here's a quick overview of each category, along with subcategories that help you dig deeper into the data:
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Family & Life
This category encompasses factors related to family dynamics, quality of life, and social well-being. It can include aspects like family support systems, community engagement, and overall satisfaction with one's personal life.
family_&_life icon Family & Life
health icon Health
employment_&_income icon Employment & Income
education icon Education
crime_&_safety icon Crime & Safety
housing icon Housing
ecology icon Ecology
Using our latest methodology

The measures used can be conveniently visualized in the comprehensive table presented below. The entirety of the data provided is current and has been acquired from Research and Business Intelligence department of the municipality of Rotterdam and Gezondheid in kaart . In order to facilitate comparability, we have employed a technique known as min-max normalization. This particular methodology transforms the data into a scale ranging from 1 to 10, where 1 represents the lowest or worst value, and 10 represents the highest or best value within the specific categories under examination. Such an approach enables seamless comparisons between various types of data.

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Hoek van Holland excels in Employment & Income, Health, and Crime & Safety. It offers ample employment opportunities, quality healthcare, and safe atmosphere.
Hillegersberg-Schiebroek (7.0)
This district shines in Health and Ecology. It provides a high quality of healthcare and emphasizes environmental sustainability.
Ijsselmonde (6.2)
Ijsselmonde is notable for its strengths in Health, Education and Ecology. It offers good healthcare services and affordable education.
Charlois (6.2)
Charlois stands out in Education and Ecology. It prioritizes quality education and environmental sustainability.
Rozenburg performs well in Crime & Safety and Ecology. It offers public safety and focuses on environmental preservation.
Hoogvliet showcases its strengths in Housing and Ecology. It provides family-friendly amenities and environmental preservation.
Prins Alexander (5.6)
Prins Alexander excels in Education and Family & Life. It offers quality education and emphasizes high quality of life.
Delfshaven (5.5)
Delfshaven is known for its strengths in Employment & Income and Health. It provides employment opportunities and quality healthcare facilities.
Pernis (5.3)
Pernis stands out in Employment & Income and Housing. It offers quality employment opportunities and attractive housing options
Noord (5.3)
Noord showcases its strengths in Health and Education. It prioritizes quality healthcare services and provides quality education.
Feijenoord excels in Education and Ecology. It offers eco-friendly environment and emphasizes education.
Kralingen-Crooswijk (5.1)
Kralingen-Crooswijk is notable for its strengths in Health and Ecology. It provides healthcare opportunities and focuses on environmental sustainability.
Overschie (5.0)
Overschie stands out in Crime & Safety and Ecology. It offers quality public safety and attractive ecological environment.
Rotterdam Centrum showcases its strengths in Health. It provides quality healthcare.
Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, the districts in Rotterdam vary significantly in their overall scores and strengths, catering to diverse preferences and priorities. Whether you value a family-friendly environment, quality education, robust employment opportunities, or a focus on health and safety, there is a district in Rotterdam that aligns with your needs. The city's commitment to offering affordable housing and promoting environmental sustainability further adds to its appeal. By understanding the unique strengths of each district, residents and potential newcomers can make informed decisions to find the ideal place to call home in this dynamic and diverse city.

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